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To be one of the most prominent houses of expertise in public relations and localization of its industry in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, and active participation in building the mental image of our partners and achieving their strategic goals.

The Message

To be part of the story, and a strong pillar of the success of our partners.


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Our services

Preparing and building public relations strategies

By our team and our industry-specific consultants, we assist you in “AAMAL” in preparing and building public relations strategies for your organization, that will contribute achieving their strategic goals.

Media Presence Plans

Distinguished media appearing helps you in communicating your messages and achieving your goals. We at “AAMAL” are helping you to design a media appearing strategy based on the goals, directions and segment of the target audiences.

Rebuilding the mental image

We help you in our organisation through a regular set of advertisements and public relations campaigns to change or improve the mental image of individuals or enterprises.

Crisis Management

Crisis management has become a media practitioner devoted to its rules, theories and strategy. A careful preparation for crisis management avoids enterprises and individuals losing their target audience.


We assist you in building your campaign, creating your marketing plan, identifying your audience and reaching them via the appropriate platforms, whether it is a digital or a traditional platform.

Creating the Content 

Your story is great and at other times inspirational and deserves to be properly told.
We can do this, from writing to product creation; written or other visual content in various forms; video, graphics or motion graphics.

Account Management

Our team helps you manage your accounts on social media platforms, to ensure you communicate with your audience and a distinctive presence across all platforms.

Event management

Our team assists in providing organizational, media and marketing services for all types of events and conferences of all levels, taking into account the strategic objectives of the organizer and the target audience.

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